Sunday, April 12, 2009

PMP Cleared

I have cleared my pmp on 6th April 2009 and below are the points i have observed while preparing for it.
1.) No need to get office holidays (its not necessary you can utilize sat and suns and few hours in weekdays) , as I didn’t take much holidays only 2 to 3 days in which I played with my small daughter as I cant study more than 4 hours J
2.) Go through RITA 3 times each (V.V Important)
3.) Go through PMBOK only 1 time specially areas marked by sir Asad in PM Exam preparation day .
4.) Go through slides only 1 time.
5.) Make a note of input, out put tools & Techniques specially for procurement, risk, time and scope and I would recommend understand and learn by heart (becz we don’t practise them in local market)
6.) Understand properly PMIsm like WBS , WBS Dictionary and others mention in RITA , it is V.V.V imporant, I have seen WBS 10 questions in my exam so make sure you get learned every corner of it.
7.) Practise numericals with formulae given at the end of RITA, practise calculating floats etc (this appear in 6 questions in my PMP.
8.) Procurement chaper is v.v important I got atleast 15 to 20 questions over it, make sure you learn every corner of it ( as I have never done procurements in my local & international projects).
9.) Quality control ,again this topic is v v important, Thanks God I have understand this properly , 7 to 8 questions over it.
10.) So you see all together there are few areas on which PMI focus so learn that , I will recommend to attempt rita fastrack , not a lot of 1500 questions, I only attemp 100 questions two time on 2nd last day.