Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Need of Informative Applications

In today's world corporate/business people want information on their finger tips, whether its marketing people want to know disperately about their sales targets and customer relations, whether its finance want to know disperately about their budgets and financial consumptions, whether its I.T. want to know their helpdesk KPIs , whether its research people want to know about current market trends , all they want is information on their finger tips and their comes database , BI (Business intelligence systems), MIS , Dash boards and these are not possible without good database design skills , db ware house design skills and strong sql queries , reporting , and analytical skills. Businesss users doesnt tell their requirement effeiciently rather then they describe it in nut shell which system analyst or a software engineer has to transform into system language and thats where Sql queries and reporting skill comes into play.

In my 9 yrs of expereince i have came across many business systems where people use to feed different informations but doesnt have desired output which TOP management needed to run their day to day affairs or which can help taking decissions, which results loosing market competition , loosing crucial sales, loosing crucial opportunities etc.

So in Business when it comes to information, Systems should be efficient enough to be called as a expert system which generate different Business Intelligence reports, MIS, dashboards and all should be realtime.

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